There Are Many Fun Online Games – I Liked One Best

There are so many online games available now and it is crazy how many are rapidly changing. There are many really neat games such as FarmVille, which has become rapidly popular among millions of people on Facebook. One game that has been special to me even since I was in 6th grade is Runescape. I have always loved this game.

I created my first character Ultimatpurpk and the username speaks for itself. I wanted to be the ultimat pure pker. I worked very hard on this account for many years and had many high levels including 97 ranged and 94 magic. I was awesome at pking and this was back in 2006. Pking was not the whole mess that it is now and it was much simpler. I am not fond of pking any more because of how sbobet complex it has gotten with all of the potions that are multiple sips, the high healing foods, the double sided swords that can just two hit you– its all stupid now.

I had created many new friends on this game and even was going to meet a few in real life but never got around to it. I had joined a few clans and was even the warlord of some because of my 1337 pking skills, haha. I was really good at leading big groups and it was awesome to be able to construct wars against others and try to win. Because I was warlord I would often times die quickly because everyone would DD on me. If you are looking for an amazingly fun game, I say you test out Runescape!

Some tips I suggest are to not get more than 1 defense if you want to be a good pker. Also start off killing chickens and then move to cows. I recommend getting attack to either 60 or 99. Also get ranged or magic to a high level so you can use other forms of attack. Training in the magic guild is a great idea and a good tip and you can make a lot of money there as