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If you do not have too much space on your computer, you can actually play some MMORPG games that are less than one gig in size. Here are some games you can think of downloading and not worrying about how much space they will take on your computer. Rather you can spend your time enjoying the gameplay:

Wind Slayer: This is a fantasy game in 2D. The graphics are rather cute but may not be to all players’ taste. The game can be played either in PvP mode or PvE mode, depending on what you want. However, the main focus area of the game is PvP (Player versus Player). However, it the quests in the PvE mode that are really interesting. This game is less than 300 MB.

The Warlords: This is a fantasy game also in 2D. You can play it older computers as the game does not put too much demand on the system requirement. The game has poor translation and offers only two classes though. But the control interface is quite good and the level limit is rather high. The size of the สล็อต game is around 600 MB.

Fiesta Online: This is a 3D fantasy game. The game has a quite a lot of players but only few zones for PvP. In addition, when you start the game, there are just few classes. This can be rather restrictive for players. The game is around 574 MB in size.

Dark Eden: This is a vampire game set in 2D. Although there are not many players, the game does offer open PvP style. Some players find the translations scattered here and there but the many skills that the different races have more than make up for it. That game has a nice old-fashioned feel and those who are into vampire fantasy games would like it. The game will take around 566 MB space on your computer.

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